Friday, December 23, 2011

PHH 2011 End Of The Year Wrap Up

Well, here we are.. 2012 is upon us ppl....I survived another year and ya'll survived more of my frequent critical music man blurbs... I congratulate you. In all seriousness I do want to thank all my regular visitors.. You guys that routinely check in and follow my lil' blog make me feel like a "real" writer and that maybe, just maybe there's still a lot of hope out there for good Hip-Hop. You mean the most to me and I can't convey that enough. 

PHH has been up for something like 5 years now...When I started it I had no idea that so many of ya'll would start checkin in over the years. It's been a more than pleasant surprise. I've run this bad boy in good times and extremely bad ones... When in the past I had a few fleeting thoughts of shutting PHH down it was the number of ya'll that I see coming through everyday that helped me keep on pushin' and bloggin'. 

Okay, enuff of all that... as usual, here's my end of the year em', hate em', peep em' out! 

Peace and love in the new year...I'll check ya'll in January...


The 20 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2011

20. Kendrick Lamar - Section 80

19. Torae - For The Record

18. Stalley - Lincoln Way Nights

17. Kaimbr & Kev Brown - The Alexander Green Project

16. People Under The Stairs - Highlighter

15. J-Live - S.P.T.A.

14. Sean Toure' - Sound Channeler The Invisible Man

13. Slaine - A World With No Skies 2.0

12. Apathy - Honkey Kong

11. The Doppelgangaz - Loan Sharks

The Top Ten

10. Action Bronson - Docter Lector

9. J. Rawls - The Hip-Hop Effect

8. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Daily Bread

7. Statik Selektah & Action Bronson - Well-Done

6. Kooley High Presents...David Thompson

5. Phonte - Charity Starts At Home

4. Danny Brown - XXX

3. Quelle Chris - Shotgun & Sleek Rifle

2. yU - The Earn

1. The Roots - Undun

Top 5 Producers of 2011

5. Big K.R.I.T.

4. J57 (Of Brown Bag All Stars)

3. Kev Brown

2. Madlib

1. Statik Selektah

Top Five Most Disappointing Albums of 2011

5. Blu - N O Y O R K

4. Canibus - Lyrical Law

3. Game -  The R.E.D. Album

2. CuninLynguists - Oneirology

1. Random Axe - Random Axe

Top Ten Best Compilation Albums Of 2011

10. Headnodic - Redline Radio

9. Malus & Lyrical Waterslide - One Day In Our Lifetime

8. Soulslicers - Boost Da Soul

7. Whatson - The Medium

6. Focus - Music Of The Misinterpreted

5. DJ Doom - Temple Of Doom

4. 9th Wonder - The Wonder Years

3. Paul White - Rapping With Paul White

2. Tone Spliff - Work Ethics

1. DJ JS-1 - No One Cares

Top Ten Mixtapes Of 2011

10. Slaine & Statik Selektah - State Of Grace

9. Mike Posner - The Layover

8. Evidence - I Don't Need Love

7. Peter Rosenberg & Popchips Presents: What's Poppin Vol.1

6. Curren$y - Verde Terrace

5. Camp-Lo x Pete Rock - 80 Blocks From Tiffany's

4. Big K.R.I.T. - Return Of 4Eva

3. Skyzoo - The Great Debater

2. Elzhi - Elmatic

1. Immortal Technique - The Martyr


JeppE said...

Lovin' your blog, checking it everyday. Really appreciate your 'blurbs' :D
- Funny thing though, I placed "Oneirology" my #1 favorite album of 2011.
Anyhow, merry christmas and a heppy new year, see you on the other side


#DAUG said...

Damn, you might have spared me having to do anymore lists. The overlap is just absurd. I'd say "good taste" but that'd be arrogant.