Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kaimbr - The BrotherShip

Kaimbr is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers out here man..that's high praise considering I already think he's a dope emcee... I like the way this cat chops stuff up.. his ears have some interesting and funky ass ways of re-arranging things..

He's already got a few projects under his belt like the "Alexander Green Project" and the "Mr. Myagi" beat tape that are totally worth ya time and now he adds this collection of raw ass Led Zepellin flips to his resume'.. this cat is busy and puts out quality...

Celebrating 40 years since the Release of Led Zepplins "Mothership" album. Reworked in a Rock meets Hip Hop, Kaimbr brings insane chops with heavy drums. Ideas inspired by Past Loud Record Exec, Kris Ramson. Kris provided vocal co production on *Katrina* and *Brothership* Kaimbr really digs deeps to pay homage to the great band Led Zepplin. Hope you Enjoy. #kragenoff

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