Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Real J. Wallace - MLK Freeway

Another really dope offering we got that was inspired by the MLK holiday..

The JahFather Of SoulCal AKA Real J. Wallace of Brother Nature, goes ahead and takes us on a mini journey through the San Diego streets and sums up his "life on the freeway"... enjoy this and go discover more of this man's music!

San Diego emcee, Real J. Wallace refuses to be one of the silent “good people.” Armed with a purpose and a pen, Wallace is a modern day philosophical prophet. A writer of every day experiences, Wallace’s latest project “The J∆hFather of So(u)l Cal” was inspired by his excursions on the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (94 West) in San Diego, California. Each track was formed by his state of mind during his numerous drives to and from downtown. Wallace combined his love for the blues and the soul of hip hop to create an assortment of tunes distinctively his own…

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