Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peep The Threads: Streetwear and Urban Fasion

It's been a minute since I've done a "Threads" post and since I know times are kinda tough out there, and that, well, a lot of what the malls have nowadays in terms of gear sucks Rick Ross's beard, I decided to highlight a spot online that won't break ya bank and has some top notch

There really is a reason why for the past couple of years damn near 80% of my clothing has been ordered online... the deals are always better, selection greater and now it's become so much more easy.. I've become something of a pro doing it and recently, one of my new tactics is to order from online shops that aren't in the U.S. .. Sure you gotta do a lil' bit of currency converting, but there's some righteous deals if you look around..

One of the better spots that I've seen thus far and will be calling your attention to today is This loaded German shop had a number of shirts from some of my personal fav. brands like Carhartt and Acrylick  that I've seen nowhere on American sites as well as some deep options in the sneaker department.. They've currently got a 40 to 70% sale going, get your order on now...

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