Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Single: yU - Time Machine b/w Remember You

I can't say enough about yU yo.... I've tried my best to make sure all of his music is well promoted and gets love on this blog, b/c well, the guy is one of the truly really, really, gifted artists out there..

The Diamond District and 1978ers member who is one of the few cats in the game that can say honestly that he's as gifted a producer as he is an emcee just released his sophomore LP "The Earn"; an album that like his debut I had checking in as one of the top two of all of 2011..

Go get "The Earn", it'll be one of the better LP's you here now or ever.. and that's a bet... if you need some nudging, yU just dropped a double-digi single of two of the LP's many great tracks; "Time Machine" and "Remember You"..

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