Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phony Ppl - Phony Land (album)

Somethin' brand new for ya in every sense of the word.. You like live bands/music with a deep, Jazzy influence? You like Hip-Hop? You respect Q-Tip's opinion when it comes to co-signing cats? Then you need to peep this new crew, Phony Ppl..

Phony Ppl are a collective. They are a rap crew, a songwriting/production team, a live band, and a group of friends who live to make music. They leap across genres and destroy stages across the country, counting Plain Pat, Nick Catchdubs, Peanut Butter Wolf, Giles Peterson and Q-Tip as cosigners. The crew boasts a infectious style throughout their many projects, built on inescapable melodies, feel good hooks and advanced instrumentation. Blending hip-hop attitude with pop sensibilities, Phony Ppl speaks directly to a new, untapped generation of music lovers whose iPods are filled with music of all genres and eras. Rapper Dyme-A-Duzin recently inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records and is in the studio with Plain Pat and Emile. Producers Elijah Rawk and Bari Bass have been touring with Theophilus London and are slated to produce for his next album. A PHONY PPL PARTY DON’T STOP.

Phony Ppl - Phony Land (album)

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This, yeah, this was fucking awesome.