Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stones Throw Podcast no. 70: J Rocc & The Stones Throw 2012

LMAO... Best cover ever...

As always, that man J Rocc is pretty much second to none when it comes to throwing together mixes....This mix is great man, I urge you to pick it up... yeah, it's only available via iTunes right now, but hopefully in a few days I'll see it floating around in another DL format and put it up for ya'll.. I know a grip of my PHHer's are iTunes heads anyway, so yeah, you guys luck out on this one!

J.Rocc got his hands on a bunch of reference CDs of upcoming Stones Throw releases: The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2, Quakers, Myron & E, Jonwayne, Jonti, Steve Arrington and some other cats … full track list coming soon … maybe. 
Following last year’s album Some Cold Rock Stuf and the recent Stay FreshEP, J Rocc has been busy touring with Blackstar and the Madlib Medicine Show as official DJ on both shows, unofficially as the glue that holds the whole damn thing together. He’s recently put together a special set of his own “Mystery Tracks” culled from the two or three “Mystery Disc” sets included with Some Cold Rock Stuf. We’ll have the Mystery Tracks up next. 
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Stones Throw Podcast no. 70: J Rocc & The Stones Throw 2012 

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