Thursday, August 2, 2012

DJ Soko - The Preset Mix

If you're like me than you def. felt like one of the best new groups to spring forward last year was Detroit-based collective The Left, comprised of producer Apollo Brown (who is still housing shit) emcee Journalist 103 (who is nice with it) and DJ Soko (who can friggin' spin it).

I loved Apollo's solo releases as well as what he did with the group and as it turns out Soko actually put a lil' something together for one of the earlier, more slept-on one's that Apollo did...

"Nice little mini mix that I did for Mello Music Group around the time Apollo Brown's album The Reset had been released. It ended up not coming out until now. Apollo was making his waves as a new producer coming from Detroit so I made the intro to this mix a reflection of that going back from Motown leading up to Detroit hip hop and then to the rising of a new name in the Detroit hip hop community: Apollo Brown." -DJ Soko

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