Saturday, August 25, 2012

Singles: yU ft. DaNedra Rowell - Dreams

One third of DMV group Diamond District and just about one of my fav. new solo artists, yU, has a new single for us to dive into and as always things are proper..

This man can tell it far better than me, so look below for the details on this bubbly, inspiring new cut featuring the vocals of songstress DaNedra Rowell ...

Enlisting Danedra Rowell on vocals, yU eschews the new age boom-bap that got him noticed for something closer to all of our heartstrings. Featuring no rapped bars, “Dreams” is a bittersweet ballad that is less literal than emotive. It captures that late-night, pensive feeling us music heads are very familiar with. yU is able to craft a sound that is universal and hyper-local, breaking new ground for himself musically. The drums sound like they could be on any Diamond District-related project but the melody and chords don’t sound too far from something that could find its way onto radio.

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