Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nature - The Ashtray Effect

A cat that I spent a good amount of my time bumpin in High School, in his supposed hay day..

Nature, another piece of a very talented and vast Queensbridge picture that had for a lil' while, seemed to of moved on from rap, I'm happy to say has returned. Once upon a time this would be an emcee who I, a burgeoning young head, would easily throw into a convo abt slept-on emcees with a creative writing style. It does my mind well to hear he's once again frying the shit outta tracks.

"The Ashtray Effect" is a very strong reappearance for the former Firm member and is precisely what I've been waiting to hear from the man.. Co-hosted by Mickey Knox and Supersar Jay it contains a host of recent collabs, exclusive new tracks and a few classic cuts her and there..

Nature - The Ashtray Effect 

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