Saturday, December 4, 2010

Astronote - Astronomix

Let's be real about something for a second...there's always a lot of talk about who made what beat, this, that and the other, but more and more we don't speak on solid, up and coming producers who are consistently nice wit it and have their own sound. We don't discuss this because there's only a few cats out there like that that's have your Frank Dukes, your Veterano, your JR & PH7 and then you have Astronote; yet another addition to what seems like the ever-expanding swath of Europan boom bap purists.

Astro is unique however, he takes that boom bap template that has been around forever and builds on it in highly inventive and modern ways. If you've yet to get familiar with Astro's work, sit down and review "Astronomix"; a mixtape that should properly introduce you to the French beat wiz.

Included om the mix on the rhyming tip: Magestik Legend, Jay Electronica, LMNO, AC, Donwill, Ill Bill and many others...


Astronote - Astronomix

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