Friday, December 10, 2010

DJ Nicko presents The Hall Of Fame Classics: ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest)

After you consume that new Phife Dawg interview I just put up you should be in the mood for a lil' somethin like this...

French deejay DJ Nicko does a smash bang job of cultivating a righteous ATCQ mix, that any true midnight marauder will surely give the stamp of approval. Hall Of Fame Classics indeed...36 total bangers contained here, spanning most of the Tribe's illustrious discography.


DJ Nicko presents Th Hall Of Fame Classics: ATCQ (A Tribe Called Quest)

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jcmoss33 said...

Big D.O., good looks on this. I was REALLY starting to wonder how long this would stay up based on the fact that it seems the project is centered around the Beatles and their work in some form or fashion. Thanks again and hope your Holiday is going well. Be easy and GOD BLESS