Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hakim Green (Of Channel Live) - Hip-Hop Nation The Mixtape

All my old Channel Live heads I've got a goody for you; looks like Hakim just dropped a brand new mixtape today for all of us to swoop up...

It's definitely a different type of landscape out there these days for emcees that reigned supreme during the time period that Hakim did, yet this fresh offering of new work from him and longtime partner in rhyme Tuffy takes me back to the days when I would zone out bumpin joints like "Mad Izm" ...Much like "Mad Izm" this new project contains some excellent collabs with KRS as well as one with one of Hip-Hop's new and most poignant performers in NYOil....

Do check this out, I know I'm always curious about what's good w/ a lot of the cats' whose music I used to bump in the 90's...

link via Crush Entertainment


Hakim Green - Hip-Hop Nation The Mixtape 

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