Friday, December 10, 2010

Video: Raashan Ahmad - Beautiful Ugly

I been following the Jersey bred, Oakland based Crown City Rockers member Raashan Ahmad for a good long while now and he's by far one of the best, most thoughtful and purely skilled emcees you could ever hope to stumble upon...

Raashan recently released "For What You've Lost", and one of the standout tracks contained was "Beautiful Ugly" a light, but effective jaunt that recently got the video treatment courtesy of director Joaquim DeLeon...

Unlike the resoundingly beautiful shooting environments, Raashan's subject matter def. gets a lil' start...brilliant formula if you ask me...wonderful track...real Hip-Hop with a heavy dash of soul.



~Str33t-World~ said...

nice track! where does he come from?

Brooklyns said...

Not quite sure where he comes from. But it is a nice track.

On a side note, there is another nice track to listen to. It's Called Deeper by a group called B.K.F. (Brooklyn's Finest). It seems like NY is trying to make a strong push!!!

Check it out: /brooklynsfinestbkf

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