Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview: DJ Rob Swift For Brooklyn Bodega

The legendary man behind the wheels of steel that has spent well over 15 years in the game not only as apart of The world famous X-Men The X-ecutioners DJing crew, but also as an accomplished solo artist in his own right, DJ Rob Swift, was wrangled down by Sarah Meier of Brooklyn Bodega for a lil' Q&A time...Man's one of thee best ever, do give this a good once over...

highlights: Swift talks about his "original path" as a Psych major in college, his views on the great Jazz man Bob James and his influences, which that surprisingly haven't changed up much over the years...


BB: Speak your piece. As the art of DJing evolves, what do you want the next generation to retain/realize/remember?

Rob Swift: I want the next generation of DJs and fans to realize that one cannot exist without the other. If fans expect newer and better DJs to arrive on the scene they have to support the art form by buying the music and attending events like Salute The DJ. Too many times I hear fans complaining about the influx of “fake DJs.” Well then, when a real DJ drops a project, support it!  When a real DJ visits your city, make the effort to go see them rock. If you don’t support, you don’t have the right to complain about the “laptop DJs” popping up on the scene. Likewise, If DJs expect to attract new and bigger crowds they have to continue to challenge their audience and themselves. Play music you love not just music you think is “hot” for the moment. As a DJ, one of your duties is to break music and expose people to sounds they don’t typically hear. It’s this back and forth exchange of energy that must exist between fans and DJs for our art to evolve.

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