Wednesday, March 2, 2011

J Rawls - #OhioTakeOver The Mixtape

Time to show Ohio some love....

Before he was producing shit for some of the most memorable emcees ever from NYC in the late 90's, J Rawls was an Ohio, he still is and somethin' he's doing to give back to where he comes from is shine the spotlight on the considerable Hip-Hop talent that the Buckeye State possesses.

From well promoted names that you'll prolly recognize like Stalley and Copywrite to newer talent that stuns in Dominique LaRue and Illogic among many others, if you ever wanted to make a read on what the mid-west is   bringin', here's a pretty good slice.


J Rawls - #OhioTakeOver The Mixtape

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UndiscoveredTalent said...

J. Rawls is the man! For more of his albums check out: