Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Single: Señor Kaos - Mic's Blues 2011

Been a lil' bit since we've had the pleasure of hearin' some new Señor Kaos...

Right here we got his 2011 ode to one person who obviously meant a great deal to him, his fallen comrade Jax.. The wailing and somber sax over some prodding drums is a perfect setup...I'mma let 
Señor tell it tho...

“It’s Officially March 15th which means it’s my big brothas Jax’s Birthday. If he were alive right now he would be turning 35 Years Old today. Earlier this evening I recorded a lil something for him to rock during his born day. Check it out. Señor Kaos – “Mic’s Blues 2011″ (Special Jax Birthday Promo) J.F.K. …- Jax Forever King. Rest In Peace.”
Rest in Power to that young man yo...


Señor Kaos - Mic's Blues 2011

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