Friday, March 18, 2011

Single: Canibus - Tell The Truth/Monsters (DJ Premier Diss)

Eitha this man Bis' lost his mind or he just dissed DJ Premier....Uhhhh, yeah, I guess it's the latter...

Apparently this all stems from an interview that Premier did with VladTv a second ago in which sort of extrapolates on why Bis' somewhat turned down the beat that would eventually become D'Angelo's "Devil's Pie". Now, clearly miffed by the interview that Preme did w/ Vlad, Bis' is firing back...even though I feel like that man Preme kept shit pretty respectful...

I dunno man, I can't call it...If you take this man Canibus's word for it, than apparently the story about how that beat got turned down had more to do with Preme not wanting to work together moreso than Bis' feeling like that particular beat wasn't in line with his direction...*shrugs*


Canibus - Tell The Truth/Monsters (DJ Premier Diss)

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