Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singles: YourManManic - Game Gets Old [Alternate version] (prod. by ManOnWire)

"Tell me the last time you were diggin in the couch for change, 
such a shame, I know that things'll never change/
will never go back, I wonder why they call it a game/
said money ain't the same, more money more problems, but less money is more problems too
if you expect the sunny weather you'll prolly get the rain/
every single other person in this world is lookin for the same"

Wow...I'm almost ashamed to say that I've never heard of these two before this...

Don't have a huge amount of info on em', just ManOnWire's Soundclick page...

Enjoy this..it's authentic, real emceeing and Hip-Hop production..and by real, I mean it comes from that special place that true artists bring "it" from..

YourManManic - Game Gets Old [Alternate version] (prod. by ManOnWire)

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