Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview: Jus Allah & Vinnie Paz For The Village Voice

Interesting new sit down with Paz and Jus as they delve into all things JMT with The Village Voice blog and what they've been up to lately.. I was thoroughly disappointed with what they had to say about Stoupe...

Are you guys bitter about the way things are in the music business musically and financially? 
Jus: I don't worry about the industry. [The industry] always gave us more than I expected. The crowd's response, the touring... People tell us they don't even leave the crib unless it's us. You can't let what's going on in the industry dictate what you do. I'd rather just make music. I think about the business later. 
Vin: The game treats you how you treat it. We have a blue-collar work ethic, we're respectful. We've made mistakes when we were young but we learned from them. And really, we've been a group so long so there are no other options for us. We don't have Harvard degrees. 
So tell me about Violence Begets Violence 
Vin: We got some family on there. Making music is an organic process for us so we don't really chase people down. All that guest appearance flooding your album shit... Jus was always like, "This is our album." If we got them on the album, like I said, they're fam. But for the most part we fell back from guest appearances. But if it happens organically, we're down. 
And no more Stoupes, huh? 
Vin: Like we've told everyone, Stoupes' mind just isn't in the same place as me and Jus. And like I said, we make music through an organic process so it's not like we didn't want any contributions from Stoupes. He submitted some tracks but they didnt make the final cut. He's going in a different direction than us right now. 
Jus: We just can't wait anymore. We're adults and we make our living of us this so we really can't wait for someone to get into a creative zone. 

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