Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singles: Cyne - Enter Killmore

Been a lil' bit since we've heard something new from Cultivating Your New Experience AKA Cyne, the 2 producer, 2 emcee (Akin, Cise Star, Enoch & Speck) collective from Gainesville, Florida that has contributed a number (about 6 or 7) of really dope albums to us underground lovers...

It hasn't been since 09' that they put out an LP, but they're back on the horse and readying "Wasteland Volume 1", a new sounding typa release judging from the first single, that I find pretty engaging despite it's obvious variation from their former, Jazzier sound..

Look for "Wasteland Volume 1" to drop on December 6th digitally and on cassette!

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