Friday, September 24, 2010

Combat Jack Presents: True Stories Behind 25 Rap Classics

Along w/ Complex Magazine the one, thee only, former entertainment lawyer and current writer, blogger and DJ personality Combat Jack cycles through a bevy of industry stories that he collected while serving as apart of Def Jam's business and legal affairs department.

Plenty of really cool memoirs here, all that revolve around 25 of Hip-Hop's most undeniably classic Hip-Hop LP's...

From MC Serch's penchant for droppin' the n word, to a young Kanye West professing his future success, clearing samples for Nice & Smooth, the time when Puff beat on Steve Stoute and how he witnessed D-Dot bring out a young 50 Cent with "How To Rob", these tales are insightful and will grab you right away.

I read all 25 stories...this shit is excellent, a satisfying jaunt for real heads...write a book jack!


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