Friday, September 3, 2010

News: T.I. & Tiny Arrested On Drug Charges

By now you probably have heard from 5 different sources about the recent dumb move made by a recent parolee from Atlanta...I'm not gonna give you too many new details except that yes, there is word circulating now that T.I. AKA Clifford Harris and his baby mother Tameka "Tiny" Cottle [formerly of Xscape] could be in serious danger of being incarcerated for upwards of a year, after getting pulled over for an illegal u-turn in their Maybach and subsequently arrested for drug possession in Los Angeles on the 1st...

Lemme get this straight...ya'll two are taking in some fun & sun in LaLa land, (why not? I heard that piece of shit flick T.I. just did is doin numbers) and ya'll decide that a lil' bit of Meth and Ecstasy would set off the mood? Before I even get into the quasi hillbilly'ish type of drugs ya'll had, I must the whip? In the vehicle that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars is where you choose to have this shit? You two dummies make it really tough for me to have any sympathy or empathy. As for that drug selection, my how things have changed...Please lawd do not make it a popular trend now for rappers to be gettin caught with Meth...I put up with the whole Lean and Sizzurp shit, I don't got the strength for this.

I will admit this is really too bad...I'm not as heartless a person as ya'll think, I understand these two probably was just tryin to get loose and have a good night out (albeit a psycho-actively stimulated one), but anyone from Cali will tell you that West Hollywood ain't the place to be showin out or slippin' whether you famous or not...being a person of color around them parts, you could get the police called on you for sneezing in the wrong direction. *shrugs*

Only question is now is who's gonna take that drug possession rap??


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