Thursday, September 16, 2010

News: Nas Announces "Lost Tapes 2"

On December 14th (a day after yours' truly celebrates his 26th yr. on earth) Nas is planning on releasing the sequel to the very well recieved "The Lost Tapes" album he released back in 2002...

Of course I was a huge fan of the first album and thought that it was so ironic that Nas' collection of unreleased music was almost as impressive as any retail LP he ever dropped....I'm not exactly sure what we're in for this go round' partially b/c I'm pretty sure I've heard just about every Nas record, released or otherwise there is...Either way, gettin some of the longtime unreleased fav.'s in good listening condition won't be anything I'll complain about.

Here's Esco's take:

I’m unloading records I want the streets to hear. Cleaning out my hard drives. Gonna do this, then start fresh. I’m dropping my solo LP before the summer of 2011. I love the energy the world has been giving me over the last two years. But now it’s time to focus on owning the streets again.

we'll just have to wait and see....


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The Kool Skool said...

The Lost Tapes 1 was ill! Let's hope its as good as that.... Hope he skips the duets with Ginuwine though. Yo D.O.!