Monday, September 20, 2010

Single: Noreaga - Don't Know What To Do (Big Pun Dedication)

After December it'll have been a decade since Pun passed away...

His legacy and standing as a true lyrical legend at times have been many times lost in the shuffle as Rap has progressed, or rather, degressed, depending how you look at it. He don't get big upped the way guys like Pac and Biggie do now and routinely he's overlooked when fake ass magazine's, blogs and whomever cycle through their bullshit ass "best of's" lists. It is what it is...

Here one of Pun's longtime friends and fellow MC Noreaga paying his respects via a tribute that was originally done around the time Pun passed, but got marginalized in it's release due to Cuban Link's "Flowers For The Dead" being pumped as the primary tribute song for Pun by Fat Joe....admirable shit nonetheless...

"First it was christopher wallace now christopher rios
Me and pun drunk, and smoked out
I used to go to his crib and visit his kids
He used to make his daughter and his son box
Yo I love them kids, they love they pops
Yo pun, pick me up, come to queens with us
You know you came up, what what makin it happen
from rappin on the corner and now you goin platinum
At the video, for banned from tv
Pun came through, in the benz with the tv
A ounce of weed and gun deep
Pun stayed real, yo I love that nigga
Cause he worked hard for it
I burst shit for him

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Noreaga - Don't Know What To Do (Big Pun Dedication)

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ashu said...

its really nice i like yours words in this blog about him
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