Monday, September 27, 2010

Single: Trife Diesel - Trifecta

We still get a hankering for some hardcore rhymin' over here at PHH and while I usually try my best to avoid cats that are only around b/c they were put on by they mans who's a superstar (in this case Ghost) Trife has always been more than on point with his, and once again proves that you shouldn't be forgetting about him anytime soon....

"Trifecta" is a new lil' loose, harcore joint that Trife has put out there for the kids just flex his obvious gift of gab...

Not sure yet if this joint will be on the Theodore Unit member's new album "Diesel Fluid", but I do know that whatever he brings, he should be reliable.

link and info via KevinNottingham


Trfie Diesel - Trifecta

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