Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Video Interview: Chi Ali Mini-Documentary From Prison

Kind of sad seeing this typa thing...classic tale of dreams and talent thwarted over nonsense.

For you youngins that don't know, Chi Ali was a bright young star in the world of Hip-Hop in the early 90's who had charisma by the ton. He garnered some The first beats the Beatnuts ever put on wax and had a great buzz following the release of the hit single "Age Ain't Nuthin But A #". In the year 2000, Chi shot and killed his girlfriend's brother in the Bronx and was subsequently sentenced to 14 years in prison.

This is the first I've heard from Chi in years, he's now 34/35 years old. He takes some time to speak on life, mistakes, gettin his education in Sing Sing and even gives us a freestyle at the conclusion of this mini- documentary.


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