Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interview: DJ JS-1 For Jenesis Magazine

One of my all-time fav. DJ's and a cat that I've had the pleasure of seeing rock a few times in JS-1 has a new album out and it's definitely some of his best work yet.

"No One Cares" is a Hip-Hopper's dream....jam packed with JS' boom bap production, cutting and scratching and a who's who lineup of worthy emcees....

In this interview with Jenesis Magazine, JS takes a moment and jots down some thoughts about the new LP....


JS-1: I’ve been putting out albums for almost ten years now. This new album, No One Cares is a part 3 to my Ground Original series. On those albums my goals were to get as many as my favorite MC’s, both legends and newer ones and do some songs in my style of hip hop. I’ve got to work with so many great artists and once again I am pleased to have such a bevy of talent on the new album. I called it No One Cares and have a picture of myself laying dead on the cover for many reasons, you can take it to mean whatever you think, you’re probably right. So when setting out to make this project I always go right to my personal favorite MC of all time and friend, KRS-ONE. He has been the person to set off all 3 of the Ground Original albums and record the first song for each.

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