Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News: Man Comes Forward As One Of Tupac's Assailants In 94' Quad Studio Shooting

Depending on how reliable/credible you think guys that are currently serving life sentences in prison are, this new piece of the on-going puzzle that was Pac's life should raise an eyebrow or two.

Dexter Isaac is a former associate of the long-infamous music manager and executive Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond. In a new letter that AllHipHop got their hands on, Isaac details the deal that was struck between him and Henchmen that reportedly had Tupac getting robbed and shot by Isaac for a sum of $2,500 dollars, paid by Rosemond back in November of 1994.

In the letter Isaac goes on about wanting to give both Pac and Biggie's mothers some solace, yet I wonder how serious he is about doing that when this sparse and at times very vague letter seems to only bring about more questions...especially in the motivation department. I mean, why now? Why come out with all of this now? Obviously there's some bad blood between Henchmen and Isaac, who described the former as being a longtime government informant and someone who falsely painted others as one in order to maintain his freedom.

This letter is a convoluted mish mash of events, name calling, insinuations and I'm afraid that you really can't draw too much from it. True the aspersions that Isaac attempts to cast on Puffy there toward the end may put a new twist on things, but Isaac chose not to really divulge in full what he was alluding to, so in the end, all we have is more questions, and much to the contrary of what Isaac thinks he's doing, I wouldn't think that there's too much peace or solace that Afeni Shakur or Volletta Wallace can draw out of this.


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