Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snippets: Showbiz Presents.. Barbury'n Beats Vol.1

New beats from A DITC legend? I think I'll have to take a look see....

That's right, this past May, longtime DITC staple Showbiz released this collection of new beats he's been sitting on...There's 15 total snippets you can hear and each snippet is a good 30 seconds long...My fav's have got to be "Stand Ur Ground", "Electric Bangout" and "Music's Friend".

Admittedly I must say Show's sound has switched up a bit and maybe not for the best (these all sounded waaaaay too clean for my liking), but overall I'm just happy the man is still puttin stuff out there.


Showbiz Presents.. Barbury'n Beats Vol.1 (Snippets)

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