Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interview: DJ Muggs For Sticks2Bricks Blog

There are only a hand full of producers in Hip-Hop that can truly claim that they're legends...Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Large Pro, The Rza and DJ Muggs...yup, DJ Muggs...See, the problem is when folks start to rattle off their fav. "classic" producer lists Muggs usually is overlooked...How can this be? The man is the owner of straight up hits as well as a deep, deep catalog of classic Hip-Hop records. He's one of the main proponents of that wonderful, fuzzed out, Boom Bap of the mid 90's and yes, he's even dabbled in other genres, quite successfully might I add. is brand and clothing line Soul Assassins is tastefully done and taking off and he's still churning out dope music like a sprite young 20 yr old...cept he's ben in the game well over 20 years...frankly, he's just ya fav. producer's favorite producer.

The Queens, NYC to Los Angeles, CA  transplant don't do interviews often, but when he does they're always gems...Here he sits down with Toby K of Sticks2Bricks blog a day before Muggs was to take part in his annual Gumball 3000 rally, this year set in London. Below are some of the best Q&A moments from the interiew....

Toby K: Anyone that you haven’t managed to work with, but would like to? 
Muggs: There’s nobody. I’m not about wanting to work with people. If we’re going to work together, we gotta be able to vibe on an everyday level. I’m not on that “put something together” shit, I don’t send too many beats out. 
Toby K: The Vs Series seems to be where we can hear alot of your hip-hop production these days, who’s up next? 
Muggs: It will be me and Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz for sure. But then I’m like “who’s the next person?”…I want to do Rock Marcy, he’s one of my favorites. Like, people hit me up everyday. I might to another one with Sick Jacken…or maybe one with all the guys that I’ve worked with, do one if all five of those guys. If they just  all gave me two songs. We could work that real quick man. I could do that within a month. 
Toby K: Not necessarily a huge man myself, but what’s your thought about upcoming Cali cats like Odd Future?  
Muggs: For me it’s going to be interesting to see where it goes, they’re at the stage, where everything is cool…like Cypress was right there 20 years ago. But when you get the fame, everyone is going to be telling you you’re better than everyone else. Everyone will start getting separate managers, accountants, lawyers…start getting new girlfriends, and separate friends…let’s see how they handle that.

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