Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Single: Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer In America

Well, it's here folks...Summer time and you know tonight you gon be outside...

Fresh face artist Stalley puts a unique twist on the concept of the recently passed Gil Scott-Heron's "Winter In America" song and belts out this bouncy, carefree, laid back and potent track...get lost in those strings baby...And that man Rashad really kills that sangin'...man..what a feel good typa joint..

I'mma let Stalley tell it tho:

If you haven’t heard “Winter in America” by Gil Scott Heron you should check it out before 330. This is a song for me to show how great Gil Scott Heron was not only as an artist but as a man, and in no way to disrespect him. Do Not get the message in my song “Summer In America” confused with his Message in “Winter In America”.

Yessir....This is something that I can feel...*heads to the whip with this MP3 in hand*


Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer In America

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