Monday, June 13, 2011

Single: Donny Goines - One By One (Tysha Jones)

This past week a lot of us were wrapped up in our own problems, the NBA Finals and just worldly bullshit in general....If you're like me you were anyway...

One thing from the past week that I did catch in the news was the absolutely tragic shooting on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach, NY. In case you missed the news, a 19 yr old gunman opened fire on the boardwalk (presumably over some bullshit) and  shot 5 people. Four of the people were wounded and one, a 16 yr old girl from Harlem named Tysha Jones, tragically passed away.

Recently Donny Goines, a newer artist who always strives to deliver thoughtful music paid his respects to Tysha through song and tried to point out the senselessness of this tragedy that really is becoming much too commonplace.


Donny Goines - One By One (Tysha Jones)

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