Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry

All you fuck DJ's and producers that claim you really Hip-Hop and you really know how to mix and make ill beats and yada, yada, yada, ya break is dude Drasar Monumental is back wit a new tape that's guaranteed to watery shit all over whatever dog crap Mobb mix you think you killin it with.

If you dig wonderfully constructed, break beat driven production, a ton of ill sample sources being flipped and  some of ya favorite Mobb Deep acapellas being set to all of that, check in for this 49 minute mix that explores all types of Hip-Hoppery, right in time to kill the bullshit mood that a certain fake ass holiday tomorrow will usher in....yeah, that's right, I'm sayin it, if your puttin out a fuckin' love mix tomorrow go swallow a katana sword, we don't need another one of those floating around....we need ish' like this.

This shit is insane and I ain't just sayin that b/c I know duke...I'm sayin that b/c this shit is done up proper...fuckin 50 minutes of completely sampled drum pack kits, no pre-loaded synths, just this man, his MPC and a shitload of records that any respectable digger would likely cream in his drawls over and  the time honored, hardcore inspiration that is Havoc and Prodigy.

link via HipHopBattlefield

P.S. There's 3 different versions that are available for you to peep...First two are supposedly un-mastered (shits sound great) and the third is mastered (sounds dope as well)...

-BIG D O  

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry

Drasar Monumental Vs. Mobb Deep - Remix Weaponry (Mastered Version)

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