Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Album Watch: Bazooka Joe - Pressure Busts Pipes

Yo, I think I just found this year's equivalent of of Apollo Brown's smash remix project "The Reset"...

DJ and producer Bazooka Joe like Brown has amassed some of his nicest beats (and I mean nice) and set them to a host of acapellas, a few original works and composed a brand new album that is certified dopeness...Featuring music from names like AG, Lil' Fame, Blaq Poet, Roc Marciano, Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, King Phaze, Dirt Platoon and many others, you'll be dazzled at the composition of this banger...sounds like it was recorded in D&D back in 93', word is bond...

Below is Joe's rundown of exactly what "Pressure Busts Pipes" is all about as well as a link to where you may purchase it...go get that, trust me, it's worth every penny, especially if your a hardcore, boom bap, 90's enthusiast...


Bazooka Joe:

Pressure Busts Pipes” is a conceptual mixtape/album project I put together to showcase some of my production. The project came about after becoming frustrated with the traditional beat shopping process and trying to find a more creative way to showcase my beat-making skills and prove to myself (if no one else) that I could produce an album all the way through, song for song, with a cohesive sound and a cinematic concept that is consistent with the sound of the albums I came up on as a native NY 90’s Hip-Hopper and in line with the music I have supported throughout my 15+ years as a DJ. A few of the songs are straight accapellas I found on the web or in my record collection, but most of them were exclusively sent to me by the artists themselves with a green light to remix and 2 or 3 are original studio recordings. The goal with everything I do is to craft a sonic experience more than just a mixtape or remixing a few songs, so I hope you download the whole thing and listen from start to finish as it was intended

You can purchase "Pressure Busts Pipes" here

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