Monday, February 28, 2011

Peter Rosenberg & Havoc's Welcome Home Prodigy Mixtape

Yo, when the news broke that this man Prodigy would be havin' to serve this current stretch he's on, the whole Hip-Hop world collectively was disappointed...Today is a new day however and guess what? That's right, P is gettin dangerously close to release..

I fully expect P to possess a new inner strength and 5 album's worth of written material, but whether he does or not don't really matter...we're all just happy that this man is gonna be back in the world with his fams and fans...Also pretty happy about his eminent return is his longtime partner in rhyme Havoc and Hip-Hop personality/industry big wig, Peter Rosenberg. Together Rosenberg and Hav constructed a welcome back tape of some of P's nicest stuff in celebration of him touchin down in the near (crosses fingers) future...



I had pulled a bunch of M-O-B-B out the stash a couple of weeks ago and went through damn near the whole catalog for old times’ sake. I think P’s 2 verses on “Hell On Earth (Frontlines)” gotta be one of the most gully arrangements of nouns and verbs ever committed to record. That shit is a perfect encapsualtion of that era P and Hav personified.

Peter Rosenberg & Havoc's Welcome Back Home Prodigy Mixtape

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