Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Single: Sene ft. Blu & Co$$ - Motive Part Deux

New one from Sene as well as his equally dope cohorts in the underground, Indie arena, Co$$ and Blu....

The trio goes in over a very 80's pop sounding loop and rhyme about their come up's and overcoming and all that good stuff...You can listen to the track below, but I also would urge you to go ahead and cop it for $2 bones..the reason? Peep the info release that Sene put out along with this track underneath:

Meet Michael Mekhi Holloway, 6. Currently, this happy kid we call Mekhi is living at Mattel’s Children Hospital at UCLA. He’s been living there for about three months while waiting on transplant lists for multiple organs. While on a visit to LA recently I got to catchup with little guy and his mom. While it is a rough time for everyone nowadays, things are extra rough on this single mother family. Alma, his mother, has not been able to work as a result of her presence daily in the hospital. 
The story goes on..but rather than taking you through the rest of the gut wrenching story; here is how you can help.As most of the music this group hits you with is free, this remix will be for sale at Sene’s bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Mekhi and his family to aid in this rough time.

Pretty noble cause man...go ahead and do somethin' nice this Tuesday and cop this joint on Sene's Bandcamp and help out tough lil' dude who's family is just tryin to make it right now...


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