Thursday, February 3, 2011

Maffew Ragazino - Rare Gems The Collection

I can tolerate very few of the new jacks out here doin it these days....A lot of em' come off as tryin to hard, others don't really impress technically and then the large majority are simply carbon copies of whomever the teenage girls got pinned inside they locker.

*Sigh*, despite the dismal tide, every once in awhile I hear a new name that actually steps correctly and I can say, hey, this guy's pretty decent wit it. Maffew Ragazino is that dude today and he's got a new tape out that you should reference if your in the boat that I am when it concerns the fresh faces (or rather lack thereof) in the game today...

Hailing from the we don't take no shit offa nobody Brownsville section of Brooklyn, Ragazino has an intricate style that focuses on lyrics and boasts a versatile nature..he's more Jigga Man than M.O.P., but that's okay, we'll take it b/c after all, he's talented. He maintains a good pace on this appetizer, and shows that he's developed some worthy connections in the game as well; Ski Beatz produces the title track and he garnered a guest appearance from the legendary Masta Ace. More than anything tho, he's from NY and he sounds like it man...that's kinda refreshing in 2011...


Maffew Ragazino - Rare Gems The Collection

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