Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single: J-love ft. Cormega, Kool G Rap & Roc Marciaano - Tricks Of The Street

Seems like J-Love is currently one of the best DJ's in the game as far as consistent drops of hardcore wonderment...but in reality if your like me and you been following him since the late '90s than you realize that he's been nasty with it....

Brand new banger from J-Love where he pairs, wait, get ready for it, Kool G Rap, Cormega and Roc Marciano...Produced by Blunt & ENG, these three hardcore surgeons deliver the track that I'm guaranteed to be blasting outta the trunk all weekend.

As always I usually weigh in with these super collabs about who had the nicest verse, but this time out man, its a crazy hard decision..G Rap really, really brought out some intricate gangster shit about avoiding ya number gettin punched and Mega had some wild slick lines (the LeBron one was nasty)...I dunno...toss up I guess. I will say this, props to that man J-Love for not being intimidated to rhyme alongside these giants man...not a lot of cats would have the balls to lay they verse after Mega and before Roc...

This is off J's upcoming "Egotistical Maniac" record, droppin on March 1st.


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