Thursday, February 10, 2011

Single/Peep The Threads: Chace Infinite - Africa

Chace Infinite re-work's a D'Angelo standard in conjunction with a special T-shirt and wood piece necklace release with Akomplice and Good Wood NYC...All for what? Raising awareness about the struggles and plights that Africa is currently embroiled in...More info down below....

The project aims to promote change and education in the world’s global water and sanitation crisis. The unique collaborative pack will release at 7PM on February 11th, 2011. Limited to 65 pieces total and only available on the Akomplice and Good Wood NYC websites. The collaboration package (retail $69.99) consists of an exclusive track from Chace Infinite which is a flip on D’Angelo’s song “Africa,” a handcrafted box set containing an intricately carved Africa necklace from Good Wood, and an original t-shirt from the fellas at Akomplice. 100% of the package’s profits will be donated to Pump Aid, an organization which has developed a cost-efficient water pump for sustainable water production in impoverished African communities. Akomplice’s Africa t-shirt will also be offered alone later this month. The T-shirt will be available in red, white, green and black. The design features a text-formed image of Africa on its front, enumerating sociopolitical issues affecting the continent; its back is brandished by each collaborator and reads “Donate 2 Africa.” The shirt is more than a fashion statement – it represents courage, cohesion, and change. It is a tangible symbol of this project’s support for Africa.

find out more here, and remember the continent that gave you life!!


 Chace Infinite - Africa

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