Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: Kidd Russell - Backyard Heroes

Who can't relate to this joint right here man? I know I can...used to be out at night shootin hoops wit my boys til' that street light came on son...

Chicago artist Kidd Russell brings the all too familiar, American coming of age tale to life in his new video "Backyard Heroes". Visually Russell takes you on that journey of many a Fall or Winter day, when you would wake up, lace up and head outside with your crew to burn the daylight away playing football with friends.

The chorus rings oh so bitterly true don't it? Those backyard and park battles teach you a whole hell of a lot about yourself as a man...and there's always a few moments that you'll never forget. Russell actually made it out of the backyard and played ball collegiately for awhile, and his boy, Aaron Moorehead actually played in the league for 6 years with the Colts...all of which is sort of referenced in the song.

I dig this..nice, classy joint....Be sure to keep those glims peeled for Russell's upcoming album of the same title...