Sunday, February 27, 2011

Single: A.G. - Where Ya been?

Ya'll didn't forget about A.G. did ya?

Giving us a laid back rhythm to listen to, Andre The Giant drops a dope lil' cut where the original DITC member rhymes about re-connecting with an ex-shorty who's gone on to do other things with her life...

Ya should know what he's talkin about here if your over the age of 25, b/c by that time you usually have about 3 or four of these types that you bump into on occasion...Some are married with kids, some are doing big things in far off cities, some are strippin on weeknights and some really ain't doin shit...It is what it is.

Get ready for "BerriTV", it drops later this year...

link via KnowXOne


A.G. - Where Ya Been?


Jaz said...

I have forgotten about him, he will always be one of the greatest from the 90's but he worked with that Justin Beiber clown and told me he didn't want me to be fan of his ever again because I asked him about it and asked him how many DITC records Justin has in his I-Pod or record collection.

Jaz said...

"Sellouts got no worth,I think they better go soul search".