Friday, August 13, 2010

The Custodian Of Records - The Sampler Platter

Maaaaaan....this is a project that anyone that claims they still true to the pure art of digging and sampling MUST check out...

Coming from a producer who boasts one of my fav. stagenames out there, The Custodian Of Records, we have a new digital download album titled the "Sampler Platter" which is hands down one of thee best produced albums of the year...Yes, the stripped down, vinyl lifted beats here are prevailing, but as someone that digs frequently and trys (emphasis on tries) to construct his own beats completely out of sampled sounds, trust me when I say this shit is tremendous. Many of you just won't dig where I'm coming from when I say this...and that's ironic really, because if you did, it would mean you dig yaself.

Check in, remixes and guest spots from names like Tame One, Sol-Zalez, 8thW1, Tone Liv and more...


<a href="">Intro by The Custodian of Records</a>