Monday, August 9, 2010

Video Interview: Pras Talks To The AP About Not Being A Supporter of Wyclef's Presidential Bid

I've been following the news about recording artist and former Fugee Wyclef Jean running for the presidency of his earthquake ravaged homeland of Haiti since it broke. At first my instincts instantly said to me "power grab".

A "power grab" in a time when it's easier than ever to galvanize the hope of a desperate people. I mean, those Haitians are out there living in worse than sub par conditions, conditions that would have most avg. Americans dead in a month--those people, they need someone who is a SERIOUS reformer to lead whatever semblance of a country they have left. Clef' is not that...period. He's an inexperienced cat that has the advantage of the spotlight and cameras (not to mention someone that owes something like 2 mil. in federal back taxes). Him getting elected would be about as bad as when California needed a real governor and for some reason chose to elect Arnold Schwarzenegger...and now their state is bankrupt and more corrupt than ever.

I think Pras, Clef's old group mate, seems to share a bit of my skepticism...I already knew that the uber involved Sean Penn did. It really says a lot when a former close friend comes out and says you AREN'T the right man for the job...Of course many will dismiss Pras' stance as bittnerness b/c his career really didn't take himn down a long path of fame and the Fugees break up was less than amicable in spots.

We'll be waiting and watching Clef' better have the right motives on this...


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