Friday, August 20, 2010

VerBS - The Progress EP 2 (F*%k Yea Man!!)

LOL, yes that's the real subtitle...

VerBS is one of those enigmatic new geniuses man...Ya'll really do need to get acquainted with his music...

I was lucky enough to catch him live this Summer when he was on tour with Murs and Sick Jacken and all I can say is that his high energy delivery and ultra down to earth subject matter really grew on me. He's OD clever w/ the flow and he's also made his new EP avaialable completely for free...Any questions?

Not everything is new on this, but VerBS beginners will appreciate the refresher. For everyone else there are some sorted new looks too...dig in...guest spots from Nocando, Sirah, Versis and Thavius Beck.


<a href="">Stop Acting like a Douche (prod. Affinity) by VerBS</a>

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