Sunday, August 29, 2010

Single: J-Live - Home Or Away (2 Minute Warning)

J-Live will always be an artist that I put in my "emulate list"...I will forever try my best to mimic his rhyme skills and production chops, probably to no avail, but damn...he's just one of those cats that to me, comes correct 9 X's outta 10...

"Home Or Away" is comprised of all that is dope about Live's style in a quick, razor sharp 2 minute's his latest single off his long awaited new LP "S.P.T.A.", due out this October on his own label Triple Threat Productions...


J-Live - Home Or Away (2 Minute Warning)

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Jaz said...

Jugging by these past few releases, that album is going to be great, thanks for this Big D O :)