Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tales From D&D Studios Part 2: Dexter Thibou Talks KRS-One

We all have our assumptions about the artists we love. To be honest, most of the time those "assumptions" get squashed flat when we finally get a chance to come face to face and meet, greet or in this case work with/for them..."Never meet your heroes"; that's what they say. I can attest to that proverb being somewhat true, but on the other hand there's always those fleeting, gleaming moments when a cat you've respected thru the music for all those years actually turns out to be a stand up dude, whom you don't have to regret supporting.

Here, in part 2 of's "Tales From D&D Studios" series, former D&D intern (and now renowned studio recording engineer) Dexter Thibou reminisces on his time in the legendary studio space running errands for Hip-Hop's teacher of all teachers, KRS-One and the legend's surprising generosity.


Dexter Thibou:
He would have me go to the store about every two hours or so to get him five packs of cashews,which were like a buck a piece.Why he didn’t just buy a big ole can of em is beyond me,nor did I care.He would give me $20,each run,to buy five packs of cashews.So on my first run, me being the good intern, I bring him his cashews and hand him his change.He looks at me and says” What Are You Doing?”.. In my mind I was like..”FUCK! What Did I Do?…’This Cat Is Gonna Chew Me Out!”.Oh by the way,Preemo is the room,Kenny,ICU,Willie D,Pal was packed in there and I’m expecting to be clowned thoroughly.

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