Friday, August 20, 2010

Single: KRS-One & True Master - Knowledge Reigns Supreme

At the end of this month the mind and legacy that is KRS-One will be collaborating with The Wu-Tang Clan's long heralded, yet sometimes overlooked in-house producer, True Master...

I don't need to say anything do I? I mean, we're talking about a cat that is 20+ years deep in the game that's widely considered one of the top 10 to ever do it gettin up with the man who's produced so many timeless Wu bangers...

This is their 1st single "Knowledge Reigns Supreme", off the upcoming (August 31st) album "Meta-Historical".


KRS-One & True Master - Knowledge Reigns Supreme


Dee O. said...

I'm so mad I only just found out about this blog!!! These posts are great! I absolutely love hip-hop music & I have a lot of it on my blog too lol :)

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Jaz said...

Dope, thanks Big D O :)