Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video: Cut Chemist Asks Biz Markie What Disco Records To Play

LOL, based solely off the scene at the beginning of this I want Cut Chemist and Biz to star in a buddy cop movie...Cut don't pretend like it can't happen, we see you steady gettin' your cameo appearances on in big flicks...

The rest is simply what cut does...a great, great technical mix and video construction...think this was a promo for Cinespia's screening of Saturday Night Fever under the stars AKA yet another dope show/event I missed b/c I don't live in Cali...

On a side note, Cut Chemist just recently put out another new and stellar mix in "Sound Of The Police", which is available now...go grab it!


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Jaz said...

LMAO...oh Biz, he never fails to entertain.