Sunday, August 1, 2010

Interview: Fashawn For Brooklyn Bodega

The 21 yr old Hip-Hop phenom that hails from Fresno, CA known as Fashawn is one of the game's fastest rising stars...He's already released a debut album that you'd be hard pressed not to bill as classic and just wrapped up touring with Brother Ali. His career is taking off in the underground and rightfully so...

The great ppl over Brooklyn Bodega have taken it upon themselves to sit down with the kid and explore a few ideas, namely his humble nature, his next album and some of his more intriguing moments as an emcee thus tune in, I'm picking this kid in the first round no doubt!


Brooklyn Bodega: Your music embodies the West Coast sound right now which, to me, feels very Golden Era. There is a lot of boom-bap production. There’s a lot of complex rhyme schemes and emotion and storytelling, when I think about Blu & Exile, for example, or UNI. How does it feel on the West Coast right now? What’s the West Coast Hip-Hop scene like to you?

Fashawn: To me, man, the West Coast scene is going through a whole revolution of new talent, new artists and new leaders. It’s in the transition from going to the old school to the new school. And it’s not like we’re abandoning the old school, but it’s like the OGs are passing us the baton, literally. Like cats like Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Alchemist putting cats like me on and shit. You’ve got cats like Snoop and Dre working with me and Nipsey [Hustle] and JayRoc and Glasses [Malone]. It’s good, man. That’s how it should be. It’s the only way to usher in this new regime. Either that, or the new n***** are going to have to earn their way, and that’s respectable as well. I feel like there is a lot of unity going on with the Old Gs and the Young Gs and it’s working, man. It’s dope. Snoop just got the head spot at Priority or something like that and he signed Cypress Hill. That’s the shit we need. Shit like that keeps pushing this movement forward. As far as talent, creativity is crazy. It’s revolutionary. It’s not even revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. It’s evolving, going from that gangsta shit, khakis and Chucks to f*cking evolving into some other shit, man. And that’s what I represent.

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